Pete Garnett

Here’s a list of the gear I use for a Sunday at church, The pedals are in order of how they are on my board.


  • Gretsch G5422T

  • Gibson Les Paul 50s Tribute 2016 - Satin Gold Top

  • Danelectro 59 Modified Hollow-Body Re-issue

  • Squire 60's Classic Vibe Telecaster

    I’ve added and Emerson wiring harness and Mojo Pre CBS 51 – 55 Neck and Bridge pickups to her

  • Martin 000-15

    I couldn’t love a human baby more than I love this guitar.


  • Vox Bruno TB35C1

    A collaboration between Vox and Tony Bruno. I think it sounds awesome.

  • Roland JC-120 A

    So loud.


  • Walrus Audio - Deep Six Compressor

  • Love Pedal - Amp Eleven

    Modded by NRG Effects to split the first stage and the boost.

  • Keeley moded - Ibanez TS-808

    Keeley Modded and the NRG Effects modded, Added clipping and fatness switches.

  • Bixonic Expandora

  • EHX POG2

  • Ernie Ball - VP JR

    NRG Effects modded with his buffer to stop tone loss and also a blue LED

  • TC Electronic - PolyTune 2 Noir


  • Strymon - Timeline


  • Strymon - Bigsky

    ?? ?

  • Neuber - Wet Reverb

  • Strymon Zuma

  • Wizard of Pitch

  • Good Wood Interfacer